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Get TTT and CCT Diagram with Steel Composition

Instructions: Type in the Steel Compositions and CCT details and and press 'Make Graph'. 
(Make sure that concentration of alloying elements are less than 5 wt.%)

Carbon wt.%: Silicon wt.%: Manganese wt.%:
Nickel wt.%: Molybdenum wt.%: Chromium wt.%:
Vanadium wt.%: Cobalt wt.%: Boron wt.ppm:

Austenitizing Temperature / Kelvin (you can input 0, if you wish T = Ae3':

Minimum Cooling Rate K/s: 
Maximum Cooling Rate K/s: 
Minimum Time in Graph: 
Maximum Time in Graph: 

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  • Overall alloying element concentration should be less than 5-6 wt.%.
  • Minimum carbon concentration 0.03 (you can experiment, if problem occurs you will get time out error.Also if you give zero carbon concentration, it will assume 0.01 wt.%).
  • 100 data points (will change in future version).
  • The axis ranges are fixed (will change later on).

References for TTT & CCT prediction

  • H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia: Metal Science, 1982, 16, 159-165
  • S. S. Babu: "Acicular Ferrite and Bainite in Steels," Ph.D Thesis, University of Cambridge, UK, 1992.



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