E-Weld Predictor

The patent-pending EWI WeldPredictor™ online tool integrates EWI's welding simulation and modeling domain knowledge with the computing power of the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC). It offers a novel method for creating finite element analysis (FEA) welding simulations for a range of joint geometries.

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If you've already purchased credits for your calculations and have received your log-in information, you can login at EWI WeldPredictor. (eweldpredictor.ewi.org)

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Please email eweldsupport@ewi.org or call EWI at 614.688.5242 or 614.688.5176 to obtain a new user login. For a limited time, new users will receive 40 calculation credits for a 30-day trial period.

More Information
View an introductory video of the site's features and functions or read more details about simulations and modeling with EWI WeldPredictor now.

EWI WeldPredictor

Download the EWI WeldPredictor information sheet.