The EWI Virtual Joining Portal offers design tools for engineers interested in selecting joining processes, materials, and performance requirements. Experience for yourself the time savings that can be gained by performing limitless what-if simulations for welding.

EWI WeldPredictor™
EWI WeldPredictor™ is an virtual welding tool that allows welding engineers to simulate various arc welding procedure alternatives to support fabrication goals. With each calculation, you get a virtual prediction of the resulting microstructure, thermal profiles, residual stress, and distortion for plate and pipe welding. Login now or learn more about EWI WeldPredictor™.

Materials Modeling
Materials Modeling provides access to published models about materials microstructure development as a function of composition in steels and stainless steels. Use Materials Modeling Tools>

Performance Modeling
Performance Modeling provides access to published models related to performance of materials and welds as a function of microstructure and property gradients. Use Performance Modeling Tools>

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